Journal Entry #34

     My spies have told me that the General is seducing men by telling them of great power.  He tricks them into believing that they can have whatever their heart's desire.  Somehow this rumor has infected my town and our youth, and my son Michael.  I wish I was prepared to handle his increasing rebelliousness but neither the Commander nor I knew of his plans to leave Tent Town.  He took off with a group of boys not saying goodbye.  My little boy now a young man yet his mind is not full grown.

     I can understand where his rebelliousness comes from since both me and his father ran off from where we came from.  But I didn't know his curiosity for the General was like a hunger waiting to be filled.  How do I win him back?  Maybe if I secretly send him a piece of myself, he will see how it is our people came to be?  All I can do is wait with no security.

     Yes, sometimes writing is the only thing that can give me comfort when I want to be alone.     

     My spies are watching with a message to Michael on the way.  I just hope he gets it.

---------------------->>>> to be continued.