Journal Entry #33

     In the seasonal cycles following Nami's death, a growing number of people with children have been coming from the west.  Some of them have arrived badly beaten and half starved, unsettled by what they have seen and some refuse to remember.  I can only imagine the tyranny that they have suffered.

     What frightens me is the fact that these are children suffering, children who are the Great Mother's children since we are all her children.  Yet I have a peace treaty and I dare not attack someone who has not tried to attack me.  What about my duty to the Great Mother?  What comes first?  Is it allegiance to this state or allegiance to life? 

     As I am writing this I hope the Great Mother and Father can see the turmoil I am in.  How many more have to suffer?  How long do I have to wait, or should I?

     I think I will move the town back to where we came from and set up a new "Tent Town."

---------------------->>>> to be continued.