Journal Entry #32

     It's been several cycles of the seasons now and Michael is growing up so fast with Nami teaching him to read.  He liked reading to Nami.

     Nami has been one of the most important people in my life, other than Mother Matriarch.  If it wasn't for my mentor then this would not have been possible, this journal would not have been made.   I owe her a great deal of gratitude for the wonderful instructions and lessons.  It was through her mentorship that I have been awakened into who I am now.  She said that it is important to remember one's life and not their death.

     I almost don't want to write it in this journal because I know it would bring me to tears, but Nami is no longer with me.  She has lived to a very old age and has lived a very full adventurous life.  Actually, her death was not a surprise.  Before her time had come she sat me down and told me that I was like a daughter to her and that her life has been enriched because of me.  She said her duties have been fulfilled and that she was able to move on.  She wanted to be with her family and to have peace.

     I was by her side the entire time as I watched Nami breath her last breath, holding her hand.  Her hands held magic and I was proud to have been her student.           

----------------------------->>>> to be continued.