Journal Entry #28

     In the days that followed Su-Lee returned to full strength and her bruises went away.  I saw in her eyes a change, as if her soul was quietly telling me, "thank you."  Her expression went from helpless little girl to a free-spirited child.  That was when I knew how Mother Matriarch felt about me and Zi-Yen, she knew how we felt through our eyes and they told her the real story.  I wonder what she saw in my eyes whens she first saw me?

     Su-Lee wanted to know my history.  She asked about my past one night as we cuddled in front of the huge bonfire right outside our dwelling space, I was reading her a story.  "Mum, were do you come from?"

     "That is a very good question and I am glad you asked."
     "Yes, really.  I came from a place known as Tech City, with huge buildings and a huge wall wrapped all around it.  No one can get out, unless you are exiled, and no one can get it."
     "Why did you leave?"  Su-Lee asked me.
     "Well, I didn't want to be there so I ran away."
     "Like me, I ran away too!"
     "I was very lucky to have met good people who took care of me, and very fortunate to have had a Mother who would raise me as her own, with Zi-Yen as my brother.  Soon after that we moved here to Beach Town."
     "Su-Lee asked, "Have you thought about going back to Tech City?"
     "Not really."
     "What about to visit?"
     "I don't think they allow visitors.  Here is better anyway."
     "Can you take me to see it?"

     "Uhh, well... let me see what I can do.  Okay?  Let's get you into bed now, it's getting late."

     As I tucked my new little daughter into her little bed I felt apprehensive about going back to Tech City but then thought it may not be such a bad idea, just me and Su-Lee on our own little adventure.  So I went to go see Zi-Yen and started making plans for our upcoming trip.

------------------->>>> to be continued.