Journal Entry #27

     As she was sleeping I studied her face, she was a very pretty girl with black short hair.  I asked Zi-Yen if he could recognize where she came from.  He said, "Honestly, King, I only know the Samurai fairy tales Nami taught me."  Then he looked dissapointed as if he did not want to admit it. 
     "It's okay, Zi-Yen.  We'll always be family."  I reassured him.

     When the little girl heard my voice she opened her eyes and smiled, "My name is Su-Lee."
     "Hello, Su-Lee.  My name is Zi-Yen and this is my sister, King."
     "Do you know where you are?"  I asked Su-Lee
     "I am free.  May I have some water?"
     "Of course."  I said.

     Zi-Yen handed me a cup to give to Su-Lee.  Then she gulped the water down obviously thirsty.

     I eyed the bruises all over her body and asked, "Who left those marks on you?"
     "No one important.  They didn't like me looking at you but I thought you were so pretty.  You gave me hope!"  I could see that there was a light in her eyes when she looked at me.

     "You have come a long way, little one.  Do you have any parents?"
     "No, they died in the desert.  One of the General's men found me and brought me to him to be a servant."
     "For how long?"  I asked.
     "Not very."
     "Well you, Su-Lee, are to become my child now.  Would you like me to be your mother?"

     With that question came a nod and an excited hug.  Zi-Yen also smiled and said, "Then that makes me your uncle."
     "You two have the same mother?"  Su-Lee asked with a child's innocence which seemed to have made Zi-Yen's tough warrior heart melt.  He said, "Su-Lee, just like you, both King and I were raised by another woman other than our own birth mothers.  But she is no longer living with us."
     "Then the legend is true!"  Said Su-Lee.
     "What legend?"  I asked
     "There is a legend about a brother and sister warrior team who has come to save all of us and set us free.  They say that they were sent from Mother Earth herself!"

     I looked at Zi-Yen puzzled and he just shrugged his shoulders.  Then I left Su-Lee to rest some more and went to go look for Nami.

     When I found Nami and told her about this mysterious legend she responded, "Yes, what about it?
     "How long did you know that it existed?"  When I asked her that question she seemed to wince not wanting to answer.  Then she found a place to sit down as if she was unable to move anymore in her old age.

     "It was right after the death of my love and our son.  There was a time I wanted to end my own life because of the pain.  I could not bear the agony of living life without them.  But the spirits came to me and showed me a vision of a young girl and boy who would be in my charge.  They would bear the burden of a great duty with the seed of the almighty Mother Earth planted in the core of their souls.  They would be the first of many."

     "The spirits said to 'look deep' within, to look past the surface of a skin color since it was your soul that mattered.  Your soul, your soul, your soul, your soul is gold!  Those with the soul of gold can look however they choose.  They look that way to teach us a lesson.  Yes, you taught me a lesson alright!  The great teacher herself has come down here to teach me a lesson.  I know, I know, she is just a vessel they tell me, her body is just the vessel!"

     "Nami, who are you talking to?"
     "Your spirits of course, the spirits that surround you, I don't always have to talk to you!"
     "So there is some truth to this fiction?"
     "Now don't go foolin' me with your mockery, you already know the answer.  Leave a poor old woman be, I'm getting tired of all this."  She flashed me a hint of anger with her eyes so I left her alone.

     It would seem that my life would be more then just in my own body, more than just my own mind.  Now I heard that there were spirits all around me, in my dreams, a seed of Mother Earth in my soul and who knows what else...

     Why can't I be just a simple girl?  Can I not be just a normal human being?  Or was I ever to be normal at all?  Better yet, what kind of world would I still be living in if this never happened at all?

----------------------->>>> to be continued.