Journal Entry #26

     Back at Beach Town I called a meeting with the town elders, Zi-Yen, Nightwind, Nami, and Latina Rey.  I had to tell them all about the General and what he was doing to his people.

     "It seems the General keeps his people under strict control." Said Nightwind.
     "I'm not sure how long this peace treaty will last." I said.
     "It will last long enough."  Said Nami.
     "We will use this peace treaty as a mask.  Therefore we must increase the numbers of the Zindin Warriors in preparation for what might come."  Said Zi-Yen.

     "You're right, Zi-Yen," I said.  "Something tells me that this is not the end with the General.  We must ferment our positions for our community.  But, we can not be the ones to attack.  We only defend that which is our home.  Brother, you are the protector of our house and our people.  Nightwind, I need you to help advise me, I trust your counsel.  Nami, I also need you to be my advisor, as always.  We have representatives of the community here who must know our motives and to communicate with the rest of the people.  Latina Rey, you must be with me at all times.  If something happens to me then you will have to take my place."

     "But nothing will happen to you, I won't let it!"  Said Latina Rey.
     "We have to explore all possibilities.  The General may decide that he no longer wants the peace treaty.  He may want to rule and control all our people."  I said to Latina Rey.  Then our meeting came to a close and everyone went their separate ways.

     I was just a young girl barely maturing when I was found by Ivan.  Now I was a grown woman making decisions.

     "Where are you, King?"  Nami asked from behind me.
     "I'm remembering."
     "Remembering what?"
     "Remembering the first time we met, you shook a rattle at me."
     "Because I thought you were an evil spirit sent to haunt me, a poor frail woman and you with a mighty glow all around you."  I could tell she was pulling for my sympathy.
     "A glow?"

     "A glow with horns and black hair."  Said Nami.
     "The people think you're a witch."
     "So what if they do.  What does it matter?"

     In a playful spirit I asked her, "A witch for what?  I want to hear you confess!"
     "A witch for our Great Mother, that's who!"  Then she flicked my ear with her fingers that made me chuckle like a child again.  She knew I liked to tease her.

     Then we heard a commotion coming from the edge of town and we went to go see what it was about.  It was the young servant girl who was serving me at the General's feast.  She was overly fatigued, almost dying of dehydration, bruises all over her arms and legs, and a swollen, black right-eye.  She fainted when she saw me and I immediately raced over to her, picking her up in my arms.  Latina Rey rushed over with some water and we were able to get the little girl to drink some.

     "This is not a good sign."  Said Nami as I carried the little girl away to recovery.

--------------------->>>> to be continued.