Journal Entry #23

     It would seem that my grief would not subside.  Soon after Mother's death Ninja got sick.  I could see that he was getting slower in his old age and his bones were not as strong as before.

     His time was coming.  I watched the light of his life slowly fade away.  But he was an old wolf and I knew he lived a good life.

     "Think of it this way," said Nami, " it weren't for you he probably would have never lived.  You gave him a wonderful life, King."  Nami was right but the pain of watching him go was still very hard and I cried for days when he passed.  Although, I was not just crying for him, I was crying for Mother as well.  The feelings were overwhelming and I could not eat or sleep.  Then one night I finally cried myself to sleep.

     I had a dream so real it felt like I wasn't sleeping at all.  I dreamed of a land once filled with spirit, a land where everything lived in harmony and all it's natives roamed free.  It was in these lands that a mighty warrior protected all who lived there.  But then there was a disease quick to spread that came from across the ocean.  The native warrior saw his house desecrated and trashed, his children abused.  He and his fellow warriors tried to fight off the disease but they were slowly consumed by the growing beast.  He asked the spirits for help, to win his lands back so that his brothers and sisters could roam free once more.  They granted his request on one condition, that he would be the one to lead his people into victory but how or when this would take place was not specified.  The second coming of the warrior was prophesied all across the land.  I was not watching this through my own eyes; I saw this through the eyes of another person as if they were reading a legend in a book.

     I told Nami about my dream.

     "Did you see what they looked like?" She asked.

     "The native warrior had black hair and bronze skin, like he was in the sun all the time.  Then I notice he was wearing animal skins."
     "The past."  She said. 

     "What does it mean, Nami?"
     "The land is speaking.  They are trying to tell you something, it's an echo."
     "Do you think that warrior has something to do with me?"
     "That is a possibility.  Keep track of your dreams.  I'm sure they will reveal more to you."

     Then Nami handed me a little notebook that used to belong to Mother Matriarch.  She said that Mother wrote important things like her own personal guidelines and plans about the community.  "Your Mother felt it was necessary to conduct her self as if she was still in the military.  It was important to her to always have these guidelines.  She wanted me to pass these onto you in hopes that you would follow in her footsteps."

     Then I took the notebook from Nami's hand and went into seclusion.

--------------------->>>> to be continued.