Journal Entry #21

     As soon as Nami and I arrived back at Beach Town I knew something was wrong.  Zi-Yen rushed right towards me, "Hurry, King, Mother has been hurt!"  I ran to her as fast as I could.  When she saw me she held out her arms to give me a hug while lying in her bed, "How was your time in the forest?  Are you feeling better?"

     "The anger has gone, Mother.  But what happened?  Who did this to you?"
     "Shhhhh, not right now.  I need to see you and Zi-Yen and Latina Rey together."

     As Zi-Yen, Latina Rey, and I huddled by Mother's bedside she held us in her arms all together and said, "You all must promise me to keep this dream together, do not let anyone get in between you; you are family no matter what.  King, you are to take my place.  Zi-Yen, you are her older brother and must help guide and protect her.  Latina Rey, one day you will have to be the leader of your people so learn from King.  Love all as I have loved you.  A mother loves unconditionally.  A wise leader must listen to the people while making decisions for their higher good.  We are not here to live in a perfect manner or behave a perfect way.  What matters is that we are here to grow and change.  That is a fact of life!  You all have grown so much and have accomplished much.  Zi-Yen, keep up with the Zindins since you are the protector of this society.  King, you will be a great peacemaker and will have to make important decisions.  When it comes time, you will have to help Latina Rey free her people."

     Something was wrong with Mother Matriarch, her nurses made us leave quickly and we were to wait outside.  Then Nami went in to see her.  I could hear them talking but I didn't know what they said.  Nightwind came over and told me that the General sent an assassin to try to kill Mother.  The assassin lied about where he came from, acting like he was a straggler and wanted to join our community.  Then when he got close to Mother he shot her.  Everyone heard the loud bang.  Almost every man raced over and killed the assassin, immediately putting him to death.

    News erupted all over town that our beloved Mother Matriarch, founder of our society and my adopted mother had passed away.  Zi-Yen ran off in anger wanting to be by himself, Latina Rey fell down crying, and I was completely frozen in shock.  Nightwind picked up Latina Rey and gathered me in his arms, holding us together.  He didn't know what to say.  All he could do was keep us together.

-------------------->>>> to be continued.