Author's Final Comments - Niccole Rumans

All I can saw is WOW, what a wild journey revising and revitalizing my first story from 13 years ago.  With this version I was able to plug in more of the other characters into the story, as well as make more sense of the timeline which could have easily gotten lost in the first version.  

Then amazingly my unplanned timing with our current calendar was very well tuned together which made this experience even more unforgettable.  I definitely made use of my time while having to stay home through a pandemic which seemed to have been reflected in my story.  Did I predict a possible future pandemic 13 years ago, a big, bold and brassy adventure, a cowboys-and-Indians story for end times?  It's very possible.  However, the future can always be changed, it's not written in stone.  

My inspiration for writing this story was of course, watching Mel Gibson and Kevin Costner act out other versions of post-apocalypse stories.  Then while studying English literature at UC Irvine (from 2006 to 09) I wondered what it would be like if a woman was in the lead?  What kind of society would be shaped by a matriarch?  Then from my own experience of rebelliousness and military experience, I crafted King and Mother Matriarch.

I hint at subtle undertones of leadership and symbols typically male, defying traditional roles of sex and race.  What if a white woman continued the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.?



Dreams do come true.  Thank you!

Niccole Rumans