Journal Entry #9

     It took several days before we finally reached the shores of our destination.  When we reached the many hills of sand dunes Mother knew that we would get to the ocean afterwards.  But for me it seemed to take forever, fine sand dune after brown sand dune after another sand hill.  Then we could smell the salt in the air and next came the sounds of the rolling thunderous waves.  As we came up over the last sand dune I was struck in awe, white topped aqua-blue waves washing up on a slanted fine, sandy surface.  All the kids ran down the hillside and jumped in the water, splashing each other while some kids dunked their heads all the way in. 

     Everyone was excited and soon a new little town was formed.  Zi-Yen and I struggled to put our huge giant fabric house together.  But Mother Matriarch came over and quickly snapped it in place.  I asked her, "Where did these come from?"  She said, "The Army," and walked away.

     "The what?" I asked.
     "Mother was in the US Military before any of this, before we were born," said Zi-Yen with pride. 
     "The Military?" I wondered.     

     "This is new land," said Zi-Yen, "We must start training tomorrow morning with Nightwind and Ninja." Nodding my head I went to go see Nami.

     "Do you remember your first lesson?" She asked.
     "Yes, to clean is to care."
     "Good.  Now look around and see what you can do."

     Our new home seemed easier to clean-up since the ground was mostly sand.  I learned to hide things easily.

     Late that night I saw Mother leave our tent to go talk with Nami in front of a big fire.  I wanted to know what they were talking about so I moved quietly out of my bed careful not to wake Zi-Yen, and I slowly crawled in the sand on my belly.  I got close enough to hear them but they could not see me since I was buried.

     "We must start looking for protection," said Nami.
     "I may have to go outside for help," said Mother.
     "Exiles just don't care, I'm sure they have other enemies."
     "I know where to go, out west.  They still have power of mobility."
     "Take Zi-Yen and King with you." Nami suggested.
     "They've got a group going."
     "Something strange is happening with those children, it's from the Forces." said Nami.     
     "Yes, I feel it too."

     "Our Great Mother is helping us on this journey.  She is all powerful! She is all-seeing in the nature that surrounds us and she is finally sending justice!"
     "I just want to know that we survived for something." 

     "YES IT IS FOR SOMETHING, child!  What's wrong with you.  We finally got a sign from the Forces when King arrived and now you have doubt written all over you!" Nami looked upset.

     "I think it's time I go to bed," said Mother and left Nami by herself. 

     That was the last thing I heard before I scurried out of the sand and went back to my own bed before Mother.  Then I heard her come back and get settled in.  As I laid there I wondered about this Great Mother and how she is all-seeing.  Did she see me sneak out?  If she did, would she tell on me?  I wonder what she would say and how she would say it?  My mind kept filling up with questions but after travelling and playing in the water I soon fell asleep.