Journal Entry #8

   Our move was like one of those trains I saw in one of my children's books, Zi-Yen was head of the line while Ninja and me protected the back.  Mother Matriarch and Nami were also in the back.

     "What's wrong lil' Ki?" Nami asked.
     "I can't help but feel responsible for us moving."
     "You did not make those Exiles come into our territory.  Either way, one of them was meant to die.  Get that guilt out of your mind as it doesn't serve any purpose.  You did what you had to do and the Forces were right there with you."

     "Tell me about these Forces, Nami."
     "Aaaaaahhh, curiosity.  The Forces are of land and Nature, wind and light.  They see all."
     "Can we see them?" I asked.
     "Perhaps if they let you see them.  Some may hide behind the eyes of a bird or among the branches of a tree." 
     "Or in Ninja?"
     "Yes, Ninja is part of the Forces."  Nami was full of wisdom and I listened to her every word.

     Just then a boy who traveled with the family the Exiles chased, came over to me and said, "So you're the one who has the name of King?"
     "Is there something wrong with my name?"
     "You can call me Nightwind.  I move like the wind and I'm dark like the night.  Zi-Yen just asked me to join the Zindin Warriors and I just wanted to introduce myself."

     Still not feeling happy and a little annoyed I told him, "Welcome to the Zindins.  You are the fourth member since Ninja is the third.  But if anything happens to me you will take my place, so basically you are the third in charge." 

     Nightwind looked at Ninja and then looked at me, "I know.  We are to know where each other is at, at all times and we must learn the area of our new home.  But I want to thank you also."
     "Thank me?  Why?"
     "Without you and Ninja then those Exiles could have hurt me and my family."
     "I was only protecting our people."
     "You have a big hear."  He smiled at me.

     "I HAVE A HEART WITH ANGRY HORNS!" I yelled without thinking.
     "A heart with spirit horns," he corrected me.
     I said nothing.

     He asked, "Where are your mother and father?"
     "I don't know.  To me they are both lost and I don't want to talk about that right now.  I'm happy with my new family."

     "Well one day you will cross paths with them again."
     "One day." I repeated as he left me to go be with his family. 

     I looked over at Nami who was watching us.  She pointed at a group of flowers as we passed by, "See that yellow flower?  That flower is you.  Now see that white flower next to it?  That is Nightwind.  Notice that they are different colors yet grow in the same ground.  Let this be your next lesson, we are all flowers, Lil' Ki.  No two flowers ever grow the same.  Just think if there was only one flower that was only one color?  We would not appreciate it because it would be everywhere.  But do we not appreciate the differences in flowers?

     I thought that the world would be a little boring if there was only one color or one flower.  That is when I finally saw the differences in our people, no two looked the same.  I noticed their skin colors, hair colors, eye colors, and even their shapes and sizes.  Some were tall with thick black hair while some were short with fine brown hair. and then others had blond hair.  To me, they were all flowers to to be appreciated.  I then began to appreciated by birth mother; she never said anything about hating people who looked different or who might live in a different manner.  We simply accepted everyone.