Journal Entry #2

     The next day I decided to do it!  I went along my day like nothing was wrong.  I was all smiles and washed the dishes with great cheer.  Then when night came and everyone was sleeping I crawled out of bed, took my pajamas off and put on my regular clothes.  I quietly put on my socks and held my shoes while making my way to the kitchen.  I was extremely careful not to make a sound.  When I reached the kitchen I went to the pantry and put on my shoes.  I then climbed the shelves, opened the window, tore the screen and to my surprise the ground was further down then I had imagined!  I thought that I might break my leg, but I did not want to be around those nasty girls any longer.  I closed my eyes and took a deep breath; I carefully climbed out the window and dangled for a bit still hanging onto the ledge and getting ready to fall down to the ground.  With a lump in my throat and a tickle in my belly, I dropped to the ground with a thud.  Again to my surprise I didn't break any bones, so with excitement I quickly got up and ran as fast as lightening the the city's walls.  I had to watch out for the flying police since they were always watching the streets at night. 

     Through a dark alley I noticed a yellow beacon of light and sounds drilling.  As I peaked around the corner I could see a couple of men repairing a crack in the wall around the sewage pipe.  Something went wrong with one of their drills and one guy left the other alone to rummage through his hovering heap of gadgets.  He didn't see me sneak by, escaping into the open sewage pipe.  Then as soon as I made it out the other side I ran as fast as I could, away from dark Tech City.

     Then I remember a dense forest of pine trees and giant shrubs, walking until I was exhausted.  My mind was shredded with heavy thoughts of pain, my mother leaving me behind.  That man promised her a better lifestyle but it didn't include me.  I cried so much that I cried myself to sleep.  Then with a fright I woke up to the sounds of birds chirping and sunlight piercing through the tops of trees.  I could see I was in a strange place.  I cleared some of the vines away from the ruin walls I was laying against and noticed some kind of inscription, tracing it with my fingers.

     I'm not sure how long I stayed there.  I just sat on the edge trying to figure out what the place was for.  This was a mystery to me.  I then began to think that maybe I could go somewhere to learn how to read and then come back.  The only way I could satisfy my mind was to go out into life and learn.  I then left my secret place behind and made my way out.