Journal Entry #17

     As I sat in my mechanical beast with Ninja looking out to the western horizon,  I kept watch at my guard post along with Zi-Yen and Nightwind.  We all sat perched at a distance from one another on the edge of the sand dunes by Beach City, just in case the General would try to attack.

     Ninja perked his ears to something in the distance, something caught his attention.  I waved to Zi-Yen and Nightwind to meet me in the middle and then we all drove our crafts to check out what Ninja alerted to.

     As we moved closer we could hear the rumbling of many motors and my heart started to pump fast!  We spotted five of the General's men coming over the sand dunes right towards us.  I knew we could not go back to Beach Town so we all split and went in three different directions hoping to confuse them.  I had two guys on my tail and I was not able to lose them.  So I stopped my craft, loaded up my sand canon and shot sand right in their faces, knocking them to the ground!

      As they laid there grabbing their chests and grasping for air I quickly left them in the dust.  I took a detour away from the sand dunes in case they tried to follow me and rushed back to town to get all the Zindin Warriors ready for battle.  Our time has now come!

------------------>>>> to be continued.