Journal Entry #10

     I woke up the next morning with Zi-Yen shaking me, I wanted to sleep more.  Ninja didn't want to get up either.  But with one final shove from Zi I got up.

     "You've got to come see what me and Nightwind found." he said leaving our tent.
     "What is it?" I chased after him with Ninja. 

     After running a ways we meet Nightwind who was standing by the entrance of some enclosed area.  Inside it we saw heaps of old and rusted machines. 

     "What are they?" I asked

     "Toys!" said Nightwind as he and Zi-Yen nodded with laughter.

     "They're not yours!" came a tiny voice from inside a tree house next to the entrance.  As we looked up at it we saw a boy looking down at us from a window. 

     "This is my turf and you are trespassing!" He quickly climbed down a rope hanging from the tree house and walked right up to Nightwind not realizing how short he was. 

     "But for a fee I can let you play here."  said the boy.
     "A what?" I asked

     "What's your name?" asked Zi-Yen

     He walked up to Zi-Yen and held out his hand for Zi-Yen to shake it, "Name is Timothy, nice to meet you."

     "Well how would you like to be part of our Zindin Warrior Tribe?" asked Zi-Yen.
     "Naw, I don't fight."  Timothy said shaking his head no.

     "You don't need to fight," explained Nightwind, "we just look after each other and help protect our families."

     Timothy started to size-up Nightwind, "Yea, I can do that."

     "Good, it's settled then." said Zi-Yen.
     "Paid in full." said Timothy as he shook hands with Nightwind. 
     Then he looked at me and said, "This place could use a woman's touch."

     "Let's go tell Mom!" Zi-Yen said to me.
     "We'll be back." said Nightwind to Timothy

     "You can just ring this bell for service." Timothy showed us a little latch by the entrance as we were leaving, and then soon we were all racing back with excitement, eager to tell Mother about our new playground.

     Mother Matriarch was surprised when we told her about Timothy and she was very interested in meeting his parents, "But we have a little journey ahead of us so that is going to have to wait." 

     "Another journey?" asked Zi-Yen.
     "Yes, the two of you and Nightwind and Ninja are all going to go with me out west.  Now we need to prepare."

     A buzz filled the air of Beach Town.  Mother did not want to waste anytime and so we all departed by foot very early the next morning while it was still dark.  We hiked our way over sand dunes and found one of the crumbling cement roads that would lead us out west.  We saw the sun rise behind us and marveled at the colors of dawn.

     "Where are we going?" asked Nightwind.
     "How long before we get there?" I asked.

     Mother said, "We are travelling to a place out west who use motor-crafts that travel on the ground and in the sand.  I'm not sure how long it will take us to get there from here."

     "Motor-crafts like Ivan's, right Mom?" asked Zi-Yen.
     "Yes, like Ivan's"

     After eating some lunch we continued to walk until night came and then we made camp.  We were so exhausted that we fell right to sleep.  All we did was rest and eat then walk, rest then walk, eat and rest then walk some more.  This was our journey for three days.

     On the fourth day came an unexpected surprise, a rumble was coming up from the ground. 

     Behind us on these strange rustic-looking machines we saw several men and women riding them.  Mother recognized their color markings and mentioned Ivan when the leader stopped and asked her what we were doing out there by ourselves.  The leader knew who Ivan was and offered to give us a ride as far as they could take us.  All of us kids yelled and jumped for joy, it was a moment we would never forget since we were very tired of walking.  Each one of us got to ride in our very own machine, Ninja was with me. 

     Then as soon as we started moving Nightwind yelled, "I'm flying!"  It was his first ride.

     We rode all the way into the middle of the night, finally reaching the outskirts of some town that looked eerie and dark.  It looked strange at night, something didn't feel right about it.  Ninja lowered his head as if he didn't want to be there. 

     But we parted ways with the Machine Riders and Mother graciously thanked them for their kindness,"You are always welcome to come to Beach Town." 

     I overheard Mother talking to their leader and he told her that he would stop in one of these days to see her again.  I think he became fond of her during the ride.