Author Back Story

So there I was at school, studying to be an English Major for my Bachelor's Degree at UC Irvine with the hopes of becoming a writer.  My favorite movie genre was Post-Apocalyptic, movies such as The Postman and Waterworld with Kevin Costner.  So I choose to write a post-apocalyptic fictional dramatic saga that was easy to read for tweens.

Then I had the fabulous idea of creating a pen name, Jamie Summers, after my favorite TV Heroine: The Bionic Woman.  After carefully crafting this short novella, I shopped around for publishers and felt lucky when I found Publish America.  But little did I know that you had to market and sell your self so that people would buy your book.  I did try but my knowledge of marketing was null and void.  I knew about writing, not marketing.

So I scrapped my hopes of writing books and Mother King was left on the Amazon shelves for years after its original publication back in 2007.  Since then, the publisher has shut down and many authors are left wondering what to do about their rights as an author.  You can read about Publish America by clicking here.

But in spite of all that, for some reason, my very first creation still wants to be alive.  With that being said I have chosen to bring it back to life, revised in this online medium and re-edited by me.  So I hope you enjoy this adventure one chapter at a time.

Thanks for reading!

- Niccole Rumans

Video Created in 2007 - Uploaded to YouTube in 2010    

Video Created in 2017