Tent Town
Year: 2088
    Ruggedly dirty and overly tired, a young punk impassioned with puberty drops on his bed, dazed from a whirlwind just freed from a trap.  Michael laid there for a few moments, candles emitting a soft glow around him, his eyes glazed, looking at the ceiling above when all of a sudden a small tear escaped from one of his eyes.  But as quickly as it fell down the side of his temple Michael wiped that tear away, refusing to accept its course.  Then he looked down at his dirty jacket, grabbed a note from the inside pocket, and started to read it carefully with a loving, heartfelt eye...

     With a satisfied smirk Michael folded the paper back up, put it back in his pocket and grabbed a little notebook from his other jacket pocket.  Then he sat up on his bed and looked outside at the native night sky.  In the midst on the humorless horizon Michael could see a nebulous glow from Tech City.  "Why can't we live with power?" he wondered.  Shaking his head he looked at the little notebook.  There was something inside it that he needed to read again.  So he sat back against his bed's creaky headboard and opened the leather-bound benevolent book.